Unconscious Collective: Pleistocene Moon Vinyl 2xLP + PRINTS


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Limited repressing of 250 on Gold & Oxblood vinyl. Includes an instant download of the entire album.


01. Pleistocene Moon - 10:02
02. Tribe Apini - 6:52
03. Cis-Lunar Cloudburst - 10:59
04. Requiem for Biodiversity - 6:48
05. Is the Spine the Dividing Line? - 11:27
06. Methane Rising - 6:02
07. The Transformation of Matter - 12:20
08. Greedy Tongue - 8:14

Dallas-based ritualistic improv jazz-rock trio return with their second double-LP through Tofu Carnage Records. "Pleistocene Moon" features an array of improvisations and compositions that awaken spiritual and emotional subconsciousness of the avant and despondent.

Printed on heavyweight artboard jackets with original spot-printed cyanotype artwork by Ginger Berry and sleek black foil-stamped graphics. "Pleistocene Moon" comes housed with stunning collodion photographic art prints on linen paperstock. First pressing on 180-gram gold and bone wax is sold out. Second pressing is on stunning gold and oxblood wax.

Note: The higher cost of this release is reflected by the high-quality 12"x 12" photo prints included with the album. These are simply stunning!

Released on August 16, 2014 through Tofu Carnage Records.