Tyrannosorceress: Shattering Light's Creation Vinyl 2xLP


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Limited pressing of 300 on Silver vinyl with etched D-side. Order now and get a digital download delivered to you on 2 June, 2017. Downloads are hi quality 320kbps MP3 files delivered in .zip archived format.

01. Haunting Black Infinity - 8:18
02. In the Light of the Sabbat Moon - 10:07
03. The Call To Chaos - 7:03
04. Shattering Light's Creation - 2:45
05. The Angles Nine - 4:59
06. Senescent and Supreme - 11:28

Tyrannosorceress unleashes gripping black metal from the depths of hell for their first full-length, due out this summer through Tofu Carnage Records. This Dallas, Texas group incites foreboding and mysticism with their brooding and aggressive sound. They will transcend your body to an astral plane before crushing you with their torment. Shattering Light’s Creation documents the band’s transformation into a chthonic force. Labyrinthine, weaving riffs draw the listener into dimensions beyond death. Invocations bellow towards black infinity. Chaos reigns.

Pressed on 200-gram, silver wax with etched D-side and sleek holographic silver printed artwork with spot gloss overlay. This is an album that was truly meant for vinyl.

Released on June 23, 2017 through Tofu Carnage Records.

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