They Say The Wind Made Them Crazy: Far From The Silvery Light Vinyl 2XLP


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Limited pressing of 300 on Coke bottle Green vinyl. Includes an instant download of the entire album. 320kbphMP3 digital downloads delivered in .zip archived format.

01. Puha - 5:45
02. Holy Longing - 6:24
03. A Rose for Love, A Stone for Killing - 6:12
04. Obsidian in Aorta - 3:10
05. ComancherĂ­a - 15:56
06. The Last To Know the Stars - 4:50
07. Tseena - 9:37
08. Moon Follows Blood - 2:58
09. Red Blood Green Grass - 8:53
10. Strong Hands of the Dead - 9:24

North Texas-based experimental noirgaze duo They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy is welcomed to the Tofu Carnage family this coming summer. From guitarist Gregg Prickett (Unconscious Collective, ex-Dead To A Dying World) and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Ruth Alexander (Sarah Ruth) comes "Far From the Silvery Light", a collection of masterfully executed compositions that are dense, dark, and emotional. The duo creates deeply experimental, avant-garde folk music with wordless vocals, distortion, drone, nerve rattling low-end, classical guitar and storytelling segments.

This album is for those who truly appreciate the aesthetic value of deluxe packaging and heavyweight color vinyl. The album is pressed on 200-gram vinyl with reverse-board jackets and embossed graphics. This is truly a musical artifact not to be missed.