The Angelus: There Will Be No Peace Vinyl LP


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Limited pressing of 300 on Beer & Mustard vinyl. Includes an instant download of the entire album.


01. Will There Be Peace - 1:03
02. Thunderbolts I Scatter - 3:52
03. It Descends - 3:20
04. An Interceding - 2:42
05. As I Live and Breathe - 4:33
06. Man Alive, Alone - 2:58
07. It’s a Hell of a Climb - 3:01
08. The Other Side of the Mountain - 4:33
09. There Will Be No Peace - 8:51

In their second full-length offering, The Angelus tells a foreboding and despairing narrative through carefully interwoven compositions of dark hymnal slowcore. Embroidered by emotional intensity and hopeful fortitude, the North Texas trio takes the listener on a soaring journey that is visceral and melancholic in its uncompromising beauty. This album is captivating and rewarding. The sonic prose herein is, indeed, a telling of coming times - There Will Be No Peace.

Pressed on 200-gram, translucent beer & mustard yellow wax and features heavyweight die-cut jackets with sleek printed innersleeves. This is an album that was truly meant for vinyl.

Released on January 13, 2017 through Tofu Carnage Records. Available on CD through Basement Avatar Records.

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