Omotai: A Ruined Oak Vinyl 2xLP


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Limited pressing of 300 on Purple & Silver 200G vinyl. Includes an digital download of the entire album, sent on the release date.

01. Welcome to the Adders' Land
02. A Ruined Oak
03. Last of the Green Vial
04. Arms That Flood
05. Blackjaw
06. Back to the Drifting Satellite
07. A Cruel Weight, Thy Wound
08. Fire is a Whore
09. A Maiden Nerve
10. The Savage Sky
11. Augustina
12. Tusk Aurora

Omotai is welcomed to the Tofu
Carnage family with the relentless and pummeling album "A Ruined
Oak" as the Houston outfit celebrates their most expansive effort
to date. "A Ruined Oak" is a meditation
on the lost colony at Roanoke, with themes of
abandonment and responsibility, loss and violence. This sprawling,
diverse work shows a tremendous range that captivates with its
array of heavy, guitar-driven riffs, thunderous low-end, and
infectious hooks.

Pressed on 200-gram, purple & silver wax with heavyweight
art-board jackets and embossed graphics. This is an album that was
truly meant for vinyl.