Ecocide: When Will It End? Vinyl LP


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Limited pressing of 250 on Bone vinyl with Olive Green Haze. Includes an instant download of the entire album.


01. Despair - 6:25
02. Pain - 8:10
03. When Will It End? - 6:27
04. Barren - 6:04

Ecocide's "When Will It End" is the final conclusion to a strong-felt, undying presence the San Antonio sludge metal act has had both personally and musically. This post-humous release pays homage in memoriam with the most emotionally-crushing and heart-wrenching ballads Ecocide sincerely offer and leaves your soul crushed under the weight of pain, despair, and loss. Ecocide's legacy and presence in the DIY community will not be soon forgotten.

Printed on heavyweight reverse-board gatefold jackets and pressed on 180-gram, bone wax with olive green haze at 45rpm for superior sound quality.

Released on February 1, 2013 through Tofu Carnage Records.