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01. Gemini Croquet - 8:11
02. Tranquilidad Alborotadora - 6:52
03. Cis-Lunar Cloudburst - 6:32
04. Molesting Electric Walter - 9:15
05. Pachydermis Funeralis - 14:59
06. Ink Portraits in the Key of Cephalopod - 12:23
07. Peneteka - 7:07

Witnessing Unconscious Collective live is a voyeuristic act of ritualistic transmogrification, one that transcends the interpersonal though unwavering cries of sacrifice and rebirth, demanding a deeper spirituality and self-awareness. In an arrangement of improvisations and musical compositions, this debut release embodies a parallelled aurora with an ensemble of seven alluring ceremonial jazz-rock hymns.